Bed&Breakfast Ornat Etxea
Ecuador st. 5 - 31413 - Vidángoz/Bidankoze
Phone: 627991896 - 948477179
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Cultural events

Depending on the dates you are staying at Ornat-etxea, perhaps you can enjoy one of the many cultural events which take place in the vicinity. The following are just some of those:

DAY OF THE ALMADÍA (RAFT) (Burgui, 05/02/2015): recreation of the descent of the almadías, traditional craft that the roncalese transported wood by the river.

TRIBUTE to the slaves of FRANCOISM (Igal-Vidángoz high, 06/13/2015?): tribute to prisoners of the Franco's regime who built the road Igal-Vidángoz-Roncal performing forced labor after the civil war.

TRIBUTE of the three cows (Piedra de San Martin-larra, 07/13/2015): ancient act whereby the mayors of Baretous handed over 3 cows to the Roncal Valley to enjoy water and pastures, although it is also said that it may have originated as a war tribute.

DAY OF THE RONCALESE COSTUMES (Isaba, 08/02/2015): roncalese costumes are one of the hallmarks of the Roncal Valley. This celebration in Isaba presents the garments according to sex, marital status, or social position, as well as variants of clothing in history.

WITCH'S DESCENT (Vidángoz, 08/26/2015): Vidángoz is known as the village of witches. Thus, festivities begin at midnight, doing an akelarre and the witch Maruxa, who arrives flying to meet with the rest of sorcerers in the village.

ORHIPEAN (Ochagavía, 08/29/2015): celebration which recreates life in a Pyrenean village a century ago, showing the clothes, crafts and customs of yesteryear.