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Canyons of Arbayun and Lumbier

The canyon of Arbayún is an impressive gorge carved by the river Salazar, open gap in this way in Leyre mountains. This canyon is not passable, is not prepared for the visit, but you can observe from the viewpoint at the mountain pass of Iso, or you can see either its entrance near the bridge of Bigüézal, or its exit near Usun. In the past, the gorge was busy by the Salazarese almadieros (rafters).

The canyon of Lumbier, just 10 kilometers far from the previous one and close to the homonymous town, it is adapted to be visited. In some sections, following the path of the ancient Irati train, go through two tunnels to reach the exit of the gorge, where the so-called bridge of the devil.

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